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Renovate your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, baby room? You do not have time to renovate built-in cabinets and cabinets. You will find a solution. We have a wide assortment of new furniture fronts in standard sizes as well as individual sizes.

We have a very wide selection of doors, drawer fronts, built-in fronts. The assortment offers fronts milled from solid wood, openwork or lacquered, also high gloss.

Check out our suggestions below!

Fronty ażurowe zamknięte

Lamellar closed fronts

Fronty ażurowe otwarte

Lamellar open fronts

Drzwiczki kasetonowe z litego drewna

Sliding fronts

Fronty lakierowane

Varnished fronts

Fronty panelowe

Panel fronts

Fronty diagonalne

Diagonal fronts

Fronty płycinowe z kratką

Panel fronts with a grille



Czoła szuflad

Drawer fronts